How We Clean Carpets & Rugs


Where practical we will conduct a survey, if not possible we will ask you about the condition of the carpet and specific details on existing stains.

This also allows us to be fully prepared for the clean, ensuring we have the right cleaning products to treat stains to the best advantage.

Tip: Give us as much information as you can about your carpets, including photos.

Hair Removed by Brushing

Prepare Site

Remove all furniture as requested unless it cannot be placed elsewhere.

Thorough Vacuum & Brush Clean

We use a powerful Sebo vacuum cleaner to ensure all loose dust and debris is removed, including using an edge tool. We use a hand brush to ensure all debris is removed from stairs.

Tip: A thorough weekly vacuum will help preserve the carpet pile and prevent dust build up around the carpet edge.

Pre-spotting & Stain Removal

We carry a an extensive range of Prochem stain removals on board the van so we can treat, coffee, tea, milk, wine, urine, rust and many other spills and soiling on carpets.

Tip: Never attempt to scrub a stain as this will often make it permanent.

Pre-spray Treatment & Agitation

Having inspected your carpets we select the appropriate solution to ensure soil and stains are removed thoroughly and safely. The solution is agitated deep into the carpet pile using a special rotary brush machine and allowed to dwell.

A Cleaned Carpet

Steam/Hot Water Extraction

Our truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning machine, provides a powerful pressure to ensure all soil, debris and cleaning solution is extracted. As the vacuum is very powerful the carpets will be dry to the touch in a couple of hours, leaving carpets clean, fresh and ready to walk on in a few hours.

Please note: Some natural fibres such as sisal, jute and seagrass cannot be wet cleaned.

Replace Furniture

Replace all wood and metal furniture, incuding placing safety tape under legs to prevent dye staining as this is permanent.

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